A Little About Us


PERQUE LLC was founded in 1987 by Dr. Russell Jaffe, a physician trained in internal medicine, clinical pathology, immunology, and biochemistry.

In 1984, in response to an overwhelming need to rethink the testing for and treatment of autoimmune syndrome, Dr. Jaffe developed the patented LRA by ELISA/ACT tests and treatment plan. This breakthrough enabled thousands of physicians to quickly and precisely determine the hidden causes of many chronic conditions and help their patients find sustained relief from delayed allergies.

In addition to development of these new tests and treatment plans, Dr. Jaffe searched for high quality, ultra-pure, fully functional, supplement formulations he could recommend to physicians and patients. Unable to find commercially available supplements meeting his high standards, Dr. Jaffe conceived the PERQUE Promise breakthrough of fully active, fully disclosed, fully functional supplements.

Dr. Jaffe continues to lead PERQUE with commitment to develop the most advanced formulas possible in order to provide superior results in restoring, maintaining and enhancing health for the full life span.


Dr. Jaffe

Dr. Jaffe is the founder and President of PERQUE LLC, a quality-driven professional nutrition company. In the past he has been an official at the National Institutes of Health and Clinical Center in Bethesda, the US Public Health Service, and on the editorial board of The New Physician. For the past four years he has been selected as one of America's Top Physicians, and selected as International Scientist of the Year in 2003 at Oxford. He has published extensively and is regarded as an expert in the areas of clinical and nutritional immunology, toxic minerals, hormones, and chemical disruptors, and autoimmune disease.


The PERQUEâ„¢ Promise

PERQUE - Is an ultra premium, quality driven nutrition company based on the principle of Physiology First the Alkaline Way.

PERQUE products are Fully Bioavailable - the purest, most hypo-allergenic ingredients plus the needed co-factors and transporters used by nature and in food.

PERQUE product labels are Full Disclosure -no hidden ingredients.

PERQUE products come with a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee - the strongest in the natural health industry.

PERQUE products provide 100% potency and activity for entire shelf life.

PERQUE products are produced following or exceeding FDA pharmaceutical cGMP regulations.

PERQUE products use pharmacuetical grade or better ingredients.

PERQUEproducts contain no GMOs.

PERQUE uses 3rd party post production assays and clinical bioassays to assure product integrity.

The PERQUE Promise is the reason so many healthcare practitioners trust PERQUE for their patients, their family members, and themselves.

PERQUE is the first Premium Professional brand.





    PERQUE LLC is committed to innovate and deliver uniquely potent products and services that restore, enhance and sustain optimal health. We are here to pioneer superior health assessment tools and nutritional supplements through the confluence of state of the art technology and pure science.
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    "My patients love the flavor of PERQUE Whey Guard"
    -Dr. Amanda H., Chicago, IL