PERQUE Whey Guard REPAIR follows the PERQUE Promise. PERQUE uses only the highest quality ingredients, in products designed with an understanding of the latest medical and scientific information, and always featuring Full Disclosure Labels.

Full Disclosure Labels- All ingredients in PERQUE products are listed on the label, and everything on the label is guaranteed. Unlike other products, our label includes the ACTUAL amino acid profile for PERQUE Whey Guard REPAIR not just a “typical” profile.

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    PERQUE Whey Guard REPAIR energizes, nourishes and activates the first responder Dendritic cells in the body for enhanced immune defense and repair.


100 Percent Native Whey

Protein is an important nutrient with many critical roles in the body
• repairing cells
• building & repairing muscle
• providing a source of energy
• important in metabolism

Protein can come from many different sources, but not all proteins are equal. Protein from whey is considered the “gold standard”of protein because it is as an easy to digest, complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

While whey is certainly the ideal source of protein, the quality of whey can vary substantially from product to product. It is important to know the actual amino acid composition of your protein powder in order to be confident you are getting all the benefits of whey protein.*

Quercetin Dihydrate and OPC

A potent combination of nature’s best polyphenolics delivering an ideal anti-inflammation and antioxidant combination in each delicious serving.

PERQUE Whey Guard REPAIR features quercetin dihydrate – Quercetin has been called “nature’s NSAID”. A component of most fruits and vegetables, quercetin is a natural, safer solution to inflammation. As with all PERQUE products, PERQUE Whey Guard REPAIR uses only the highest quality ingredients. PERQUE Whey Guard REPAIR uses the most readily absorbed dihydrate form of quercetin. While other forms of quercetin may offer as little as 1% absorption by the body, the quercetin dihydrate in PERQUE Whey Guard REPAIR is fully absorbed.*

OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) – OPC provides powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammation protection by soaking up the free radicals involved in inflammation. OPC is found in many plants, but the highest concentration is found in grape seed. ActiVin®, the OPC used in PERQUE Whey Guard REPAIR, utilizes a safe and patented extract process to provide the purest and safest OPC.*

Third Party Analysis

PERQUE uses independent third party assays to substantiate every assertion on every PERQUE label. In the protein powder category, many products rely on "text book" or hypothetical data to present a "Typical Amino Acid Profile" on their labels. This is unacceptable to PERQUE.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.